Birds of Prey

Air Combat in the Jet Age

Convention 2023

Birds of Prey Convention 2023 is returning this August to Chino Hills, California, USA, in the suburbs of Los Angeles. If you are new to Birds of Prey, this is the perfect place to learn how to play. If you have played before, you can hone your skills and advance your tactics. And it is your chance to hang out with the people that create and support the game!

When: Thursday August 17, 2023 through Sunday August 20, 2023

Where: Ayres Hotel, Chino Hills, CA
4785 Chino Hills Pkwy,
Chino Hills, CA 91709
Phone: (909) 631-2922

Room Rate: $139 per night (8/16-8/20)
Room Code “Birds of Prey” (you have to reserve by phone to get this rate!)

Fly into:
Ontario Airport (ONT) - closest
Los Angeles International (LAX) - largest
BUR, SNA, LGB are also options...

Cost: We ask everyone to share the cost of the gaming room, typically $50 per person.

Please sign up and let us know if you intend to attend, at:
(No need to respond if you will not attend.)

The Chino Hills area has three world-class air museums in the immediate vicinity and we will try to fit them all in. These are:
Planes of Fame (Chino)
Yanks Air Museum (Chino)
March Field Air Museum (Riverside)

If anyone wants to arrive early, we may do an extra museum day on the Wednesday before the event, to San Diego area air museums:
USS Midway Museum (San Diego)
San Diego Air & Space Museum
Gillespie Field Annex (El Cajon)

Convention 2023 ADCs

Birds of Prey Convention 2023 is bringing a host of new aircraft and missiles to the game. We are incrementally releasing the identity of each aircraft and missile in the weeks leading up to the Convention.

We hope that this exciting array of aircraft and weapons, and the interesting scenarios that accompany them will inspire a few of you to join us at the convention.

This event is the perfect place to learn or improve your Birds of Prey game, playing with a welcoming and supportive group of players, including the creators of the game and some of the original play-testers.

When: Thursday August 17, 2023 through Sunday August 20, 2023
Where: Ayres Hotel, Chino Hills, CA

Please sign up and let us know if you intend to attend, at:
(No need to respond if you will not attend.)

For those who cannot attend the Convention (you will be missed), the full set of content will be released after the event on our Patreon page, where we expose "development" content and other fun stuff:

This material is also slated to be the backbone of the Airbattle RAG 7 folio. Airbattle RAG 6 will cover Convention materials from 2021 and 2023.

New Patreon site

The Airbattle Games team has maintained a Patreon site since 2015, where we have released in-development or otherwise unreleased materials to the community. Planes and scenario flown at the Birds of Prey Conventions are released here, well before finding their way into Airbattle RAG folios! New rules and play-aids are shown to the world here!
The Patreon site is very permissive. For whatever you choose to give (above a very low minimum), you get access to all the content produced for our Patreon page back to the first release.
We use the moneys from Patreon to offset several expenses of producing and promoting Birds of Prey. This includes paying for some of the tool licenses, as well as for subsidizing the game room at our annual convention.
The Patreon site has moved to a different address to an administrative issue that we could not change directly through Patreon. (Nothing acrimonious, I promise.) We very much hope that many of our fans will join us at the new Patreon page!
Join us at:

Available Now: BoP TOPGUN

1986. Present day. The Indian Ocean. OPFOR airspace. Across 36 years of
technological advancement, can you still prove you’re the best of the best? From its small start in a trailer out back of Miramar’s hangar row and validated in the skies over Vietnam, the role of the Navy Fighter Weapons School exploded into public consciousness at the climax of the Cold War. Hollywood’s flash and fiction can’t distract from one consistent theme —
the drive to win. Not as a lone maverick,
but part of a team; pilot and RIO, lead and wingman. Together, just like the name —
one word, all caps — TOPGUN.

Face an array of Navy adversaries and opposing air forces hell–bent on teaching you very real lessons. Fortunately for you, you are not going it alone! Included are a variety of scenarios teaching the real-life tactics for employing your mighty wings. This game is about combat, so study hard and lean into what you’ve learned. There are no points for second place! 

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Available Now: RAG 5

Fly a new jet, wield a new missile, fly a new scenario. Airbattle RAG 5 is the product for everyone who enjoys the challenging world of jet dogfighting in Birds of Prey Air Combat in the Jet Age! New jets to fly, test your skills in new scenarios, and unleash new missiles on your opponents!

A Brief History of the U.S. Air Force features scenarios from BoP Convention 2018, each showcasing an exemplar from five generations of American fighting jets. Over 70 years of jet combat history start over the Korean Peninsula, soars over Vietnam and battling in the modern Middle East.

Nukleur Conflict, Toe to Toe… features the scenarios from BoP Convention 2019, with a sometimes theatrical look at conflicts of nuclear powers, both real and imagined.

Whether missile or gun, technological terror or manual early jet, historical or flight of fancy… Airbattle RAG 5 will carry your Birds of Prey fight to new heights!

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