The Birds of Prey: Air Combat in the Jet Age convention is coming to New Mexico in 2019, following several years at Origins in Columbus and eight years bumping around the country visiting great aviation museums and flying against amazing opponents. This year’s event will be just as much fun, with a bunch of fantastic air gamers, great scenarios, new aircraft and a opportunity to learn more about air combat in the jet age!

There will be a preview of several rule enhancements designed to speed play and enhance the simulation.

When: Thursday June 27 - Sunday June 30, 2019

Where: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

-- ABQ - Albuquerque International Airport has great fares from throughout the United States
    and from international locations. Swing down from Canada or across the nearest pond!

Hotel: Hilton Garden Inn Albuquerque Uptown

           6510 Americas Pkwy, Albuquerque, NM 87110

           Phone: 505-944-0300

Hotel Costs:
-- Convention rate is $109 per night, ask for the “BOP619” group

-- Attendees will share the cost of the gaming room (if applicable).

        We will figure the amounts out based on the attendees, roughly $50.

-- The cost of a T-shirt , if we knock one out and you choose to order.

-- We don't take any profit on this event. It is just for fun for us and for you.

-- Travel, hotel, air-museum entrance fees and food are your own responsibility.

Watching new players develop in the system has convinced us that Birds of Prey simulates the real-world of ACM well enough that the ratio of aces and truly dangerous opponents, versus pretenders and glorified targets matches the real world. So, we want to offer the real-world solution and put a group of cardboard aviators through the gaming experience of a lifetime and run a table-top version of the Fighter Weapons School. Receive some ground-school, fly your fighter and then get the debrief of a lifetime. (Tony doesn't wear the Kelly McGillis pumps, but the experience is realistic in most other aspects.)

The convention will be suited to players of all skill levels. (We'd prefer you have learned the basics of flight in Birds of Prey, there will be talented players there to teach any newbies.)

Cardboard Fighter Weapons School


Please post any questions or discussion at:

Transportation from the Airport

Hopefully some combination of people with rental cars and a pickup or two by the local gamers can accommodate the bulk of transportation needs! We will facilitate communications between the attendees, so transportation can be shared!

Register (informally) at:

There will be a group visit to the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History.

Museum visit!

Over the past year, we have been quietly developing several enhancements to the game system, designed to speed play and enhance the simulation experience. Be among the first to put the new systems through their paces.

Second Edition Preview