The lucky seventh annual Birds of Prey: Air Combat in the Jet Age convention in 2017, following in the footsteps of many years at Origins and several happy years roaming around the United States. This year’s event features a bunch of fantastic air gamers, great scenarios, new aircraft and a opportunity to learn more about air combat in the jet age!

This year’s convention is located near the Washington Dulles airport, our hope being that this will allow many people access, being near a major airport and close-by to our the midwest and east coast attendees, and supporting non-stop flights from most of the rest of the world.

This year’s convention looks to be another superb event; filled with great people, exciting scenarios and a visit to a world class aviation museum. New players are veterans are equally welcome and will all have opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills. Costs should be minimal, with a low room rate and game room contributions.

Our theme “Wings of the Rest” is the inverse of the 2015 event and features aircraft manufactured outside France and the United States. The aircraft range from the early swept-wing era (1954 IOC) to the current day (2017 IOC). Eight producing countries will be represented and only one ADC available in a current Birds or Prey product!

Register (informally) at:

When: Sept 7 - Sept 10, 2017


    13869 Park Center Road

    Herndon, VA 20171  I  USA

    reservations: ???

    main desk: 1-703-834-1988

-- Washington Dulles (IAD) airport is very much the closest;

   -- Reagan National (DCA) and Baltimore Washington (BWI) airports are also possible.

Hotel Costs:
-- Convention rate is $89 per night, reserve under “Birds of Prey”

    -- Hotel Property Code: IADAHHF

   -- Group Code: 610

-- Attendees will share the cost of the gaming room (if applicable).

        We will figure the amounts out based on the attendees, roughly $60.

-- The cost of a T-shirt , if we knock one out.

-- We aren't planning to take any profit on this event. It is just for fun for us and for you.

-- Travel, room, air-museum entrance fees and food are your own responsibility.

Watching new players develop in the system has convinced us that Birds of Prey simulates the real-world of ACM well enough that the ratio of aces and truly dangerous opponents, versus pretenders and glorified targets matches the real world. So, we want to offer the real-world solution and put a group of cardboard aviators through the gaming experience of a lifetime and run a table-top version of the Fighter Weapons School. Receive some ground-school, fly your fighter and then get the debrief of a lifetime. (Tony doesn't wear the Kelly McGillis pumps, but the experience is realistic in most other aspects.)

The convention will be suited to players of all skill levels. (We'd prefer you have learned the basics of flight in Birds of Prey, there will be talented players there to teach any newbies.)

Cardboard Fighter Weapons School


Please post any questions or discussion at:

Transportation from the Airport

The hotel should be very close to Washington Dulles, so cab/Lyft/Uber should be sufficient. Perhaps a handful of folks renting cars will provide a sufficiency of transport for other needs.

We are planning a visit to the Udvar-Hazy Center, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, one of the finest air museums in the world! Those of you who plan to stay a bit longer will find a nearly limitless supply of museums and historic sites in the local area.

Museum visit!

Thursday morning – game for early arrivals

Thursday afternoon – second game, targeting those traveling on Thursday

Friday morning – visiting the Udvar-Hazy Center

Friday afternoon – first game of “Tournament Play”

Saturday morning – second game of “Tournament Play”

Saturday morning – third game of “Tournament Play”

Sunday morning – Birds of Prey state of the union address and round-up event

Schedule of Events

  1. -move-aid laminate set, plus pens and such (for your own use and maybe one or two more)

  2. -play-aids set (including the 2.0 candidate sheet from RAG 1)

  3. -BoP rulebook

  4. -one or two sets of the supplied box-minis

- a pair of maps and maybe a small set of on-map components

What to Bring


Convention shirts are available for purchase through UberPrints. Feel free to customize them with your personal call sign or other message!