Birds of Prey - Air Combat in the Jet Age is the main game box for the Birds of Prey game system with a lavishly illustrated tutorial to guide you through learning the game solo and the concise rulebook is designed as a reference for rules questions only. The play aids are built to keep the rulebook in the box during play. Laminated play aids, tilt blocks and box miniatures hide complex systems under easy to use mechanics and aids. Data cards for twenty-four aircraft and twenty-four missiles, plus an exciting set of scenarios, cover air combats from the dawn of the jet era through modern day!

Enter the world of jet dogfighting! Where powerful afterburners glow bright, steely-eyed pilots strain against crushing G forces and cutting-edge weapons systems deal death in the close-in knife fight.

Birds of Prey is a revolutionary jet combat game simulating flight with unprecedented precision and engrossing play. Flight mechanics allow freedom in three dimensions without requiring special maneuver rules. Physics-based systems model aircraft performance differences correctly and simply through the use of only two elegant playaids; graphical computers known as nomograms. Missiles fly out towards their targets without player intervention, using proper kinematics from launch and flowing seamlessly into the underlying flight engine.

Airbattle RAG 4 is the next expansion to Birds of Prey featuring planes and scenarios from Wings of the Rest and Super BoPGun! Conventions. Learn how to build a scenario like pro and look behind the scenes for the creation of the an actual convention scenario.

A remarkable set of sixteen ADCs and eight MDCs round out this product!

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Birds of Prey is available in PDF form Ad Astra Games, is now available in Electronic Format (PDF) allowing you to keep all of the rules, aircraft, missiles, aids and scenarios in your computer or mobile device. Bundles are available, containing all of the printed content from a given product. The content is also available in smaller, more specific sets or as a story pack. Find them all at:

Birds of Prey is releasing prototype content via Patreon. There are new ADCs, rules, box-minis, scenarios and more! This is where you would go for the F-16N or advanced SOAR or maybe a Sea Harrier... someday.

We are using the funds to help pay for convention costs, tool licenses and other expenses, so every bit helps us push the boundaries of jet dogfight gaming forward.

Airbattle RAG 3 is the newest expansion to Birds of Prey featuring planes and scenarios from Wings of the West Convention. Learn how to “Fight Like Killjoy” or take a look at the history of air combat games in t-shirts. Increase your fun playing against and around those less maneuverable, with new rules, scenarios and ADCs for bombers. A remarkable set of seventeen ADCs round out this new product!

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Airbattle RAG 3 available!

The Birds of Prey: Air Combat in the Jet Age convention is coming to New Mexico in 2019. This year’s event will be just as much fun, with a bunch of fantastic air gamers, great scenarios, new aircraft and a opportunity to learn more about air combat in the jet age!

There will be a preview of several rule enhancements designed to speed play and enhance the simulation.

When: Thursday June 27 - Sunday June 30, 2019

Where: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Register (informally) at:

Birds of Prey Convention is coming to Albuquerque this JuneBirds_of_Prey.html../Convention_2019/Convention_2019.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0