Birds of Prey Game System


Birds of Prey features:

–  Individual aircraft that fly differently at different speeds, altitudes and weights. Aircraft fly different than one another, based on their individual aerodynamics and real-world performance

--  An exciting and accurate simulation of air combat across the jet age, from the subsonic fighters of the dawn of the jet age to the newest aircraft just entering service today

–  Three dimensional flight that is consistent; whether climbing, flying level, turning obliquely or in any other flight regime. Maneuvers use the basic flight engine and are not special cases

–  Missile flight is straight-forward; varying with altitude, launch speed and individual weapon characteristics

–  Missiles fly by rule and do not get better or worse with player skill

–  Uses a fair, enjoyable initiative system that rewards good tactical play and doesn't overly reward lucky dice

–  Models aircrew factors capturing the impacts of task loading and situational awareness in air combat

–  Color box-miniatures and aircraft data cards

–  Each box-miniature rendered in 1:950th scale, showing relative size of the combatants

Birds of Prey scale:

–  Each box-miniature represents a single aircraft.
–  Players may control one or more aircraft. Four aircraft might be a practical upper bound for one player in face-to-face play.

–  The flight point, basic unit of three dimensional distance is 400 feet.
–  Each hex is 400 feet across, each altitude step is 200 feet tall.

–  The game turn is 6.0 seconds long, broken into ten ticks where needed.

–  Movement is in segments, which consume an amount of ticks determined by the aircraft’s maneuvers.

–  Speed is tracked in KTAS, Knots True Airspeed.
–  Each 40 KTAS of Speed flies one FP of distance per game turn.

–  Game box includes two maps, each equivalent to 3.6 by 2.0 nautical miles.
    When we say close-in dogfighting, we mean it!

Birds of Prey is an exciting game covering close-in dogfighting jet aircraft. The game uses unique components aiding play and visualization of the three-dimensional fight, and handles the complex physics of flight.