Airbattle RAG 4


Fly a new jet, wield a new missile, take your seat in a new scenario. Airbattle RAG 4 is for everyone who enjoys the challenging world of jet dogfighting with Birds of Prey Air Combat in the Jet Age!

New Aircraft and Weapons!

Sixteen new aircraft duel in the skies with Birds of Prey, starting with two swept-wing stars of the Indo-Pakistan Wars and moving through to Ultramodern fighters just entering service today! Fly the unusual Soviet Yak-38 jump-jet and the unexpectedly agile MiG-23MLD “dogfight-Flogger”. Take the fight to Asia, with the Japanese F-2 and its canard-equipped rival, the Chinese J-10 or over the Indian subcontinent with the Indian Tejas and Pakistani JF-17. Eight new missile data cards from around the globe grow the aircraft’s arsenal.

New Scenarios!

Fight the scenario from the Wings of the Rest convention! This event’s theme was aircraft produced outside France and the United States, spanning the era of the early swept-wing fighters to the very newest fighters in service today!

Scenario Building

Killjoy Builds a Convention Scenario follows the team creating a scenario for the 2017 Convention, starting with Shaken’s concept and backdrop and following Killjoy through the IADS and BVR exchange leading to the close-in dogfight. Illustrations from pilot flight planning tools follow the entire pre-dogfight process!

Scenario Design: A Practical Guide, shows best practices for creating a BoP scenario. Examine the unexpected conclusion when contrasting balance and fun. Learn about using Scenario Specific Rules (SSRs) to create desired effects.


Two copies each of two full-color, die-cut sheets of box-miniatures and missiles round out this great new Birds of Prey product!

Airbattle RAG 4 (ADA 31804) costs $44.95 and contains two copies each of two full die-cut sheets of box-miniatures and missile tents.

Airbattle RAG 4 electronic edition costs $9.00 and contains the full product in PDF form.

Eight Missiles

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