Airbattle RAG 3


Fly a new jet, wield a new missile, take your seat in a new scenario. Airbattle RAG 3 is for everyone who
enjoys Birds of Prey!

Airbattle RAG 3 contains all the scenarios, lessons, aircraft and missiles from the Wings of the West convention. Combatants spanning over sixty years of combat aircraft development and all from Western nations gave the event its name. Airbattle RAG 3 also includes exclusive map components created for the cover scenario!

Wings of the West featured a truly exceptional Cardboard Fighter Weapons School session, with Sierra Hotel pilot Killjoy sharing his secrets of successful dogfighting. This lesson has been captured in these pages, so now you can learn the master’s secrets and continue your journey towards aerial dominance!

Wiseguy takes us on a personal journey through history of the air gaming community during the Origins years, liberally spiced by the tales of his now legendary convention T-shirts.

Our coverage of target aircraft continues, with new scenarios and further rules.


Two copies each of a full-color, die-cut sheet of box-miniatures and missiles, a single sheet of hand-cut miniatures and a special map insert. 17 aircraft data cards and the folio booklet round out this great new Birds of Prey product!

Airbattle RAG 3 (ADA 31803) costs $37.95 and contains two copies of a full die-cut box-miniatures and missile tents.

Airbattle RAG 3 electronic edition cost $9.00 and contains the full product in PDF form.